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Zeynep Demirci

Zeynep Demirci
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Zeynep is a part of the SixthHouse family and works with us as a call center employee. Zeynep was born on May 26, 2003 in Bursa/Turkey.
She graduated from Anatolian High School and is currently studying languages at university.

Zeynep will connect with you in a professional manner, answer your questions and plan all health and travel details with you.

She will communicate with you in a way that is true to SixthHouse’s mission to maximize customer satisfaction and will work with you to understand your needs, communicate effectively with you and ensure that your health journey is organized in the best way possible.
As someone who will be with you and support you from the beginning of your health travel journey, you will be able to easily plan your health journey with Zeynep.

At SixthHouse, we are proud to have talented and caring staff like Zeynep to provide you with the best service. Zeynep will work with you on your health travel journey and will be happy to help you with your satisfaction and health at the forefront.

Zeynep is looking forward to communicating closely with you and planning the details with you.
We are here to support you on your health travel journey.

Anda Klinik Adres Bilgileri

+90 (222) 222 22 22




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