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Sedanur Coşkun

Sedanur Coşkun
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Sedanur, born on 24.07.1993, is a mechanical engineer and works in the hospital appointments and support department of our SixthHouse health tourism agency. Sedanur has 5 years of safety consulting experience followed by 1 year as a quality control engineer.
Sedanur will provide support to SixthHouse’s patients in various aspects. This includes organizing patients’ hospital appointments, following their treatment process and making all necessary logistical arrangements. Sedanur will also be responsible for collecting, filing and maintaining the confidentiality of patients’ medical documents.

Sedanur communicates effectively with doctors and hospitals to ensure that patients get the most out of their healthcare. She approaches patients with empathy and understanding to understand their needs and put them at ease. She also answers patients’ questions, provides information about healthcare services and offers solution-oriented solutions when necessary.

Sedanur makes travel arrangements for patients, follows up on accommodation arrangements and acts as a local guide when needed. She offers the necessary support to ensure that patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment process and takes steps to deal with emergencies when necessary.

As a result, Sedanur uses her expertise to provide hospital appointments and support to patients at SixthHouse health tourism agency. With sensitivity, professionalism and a patient-centered approach, she aims to manage patients’ health travel experience in the best possible way.

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