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Pınar Aydın

Pınar Aydın
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Pinar Aydin is part of the SixthHouse family as a call center employee. Born on 20.10.1985, Pınar is eagerly waiting to contact you and start your medical tourism experience.
A graduate of Dokuz Eylül University, Department of International Relations, Pınar works with the SixthHouse family to provide you with a professional service.
Pınar is a professional who has successfully worked in various companies in her professional life. She has gained experience in various positions and has a successful career history. She has undertaken the following tasks in her professional life:

– Correspondence Head: Pınar worked as the head of the communication department in a company. She successfully performed tasks such as organizing correspondence, following up transactions and coordinating communication activities.

– Corporate Marketing Specialist: Pınar specialized in corporate marketing and worked as a specialist in this field in a company. She was involved in brand strategy development, market research, and management of advertising campaigns.

– Accounting Civil Servant: Pınar worked in the field of accounting in a public institution. She successfully performed tasks such as management of accounting processes, budget preparation and financial reporting.

– Finance Head: Pınar worked as the head of the finance department in a company. She was responsible for developing financial strategies, budget management, financial analysis and contributed to the financial success of the company.

Pınar’s achievements in business and her experience in various positions make her role in the SixthHouse family even more valuable. With a professional background and a wide range of knowledge, she will help you successfully manage your medical travel experience.
Pınar will use her call center experience to provide you with the best service and successfully organize your medical travel journey. She will communicate effectively with you to support you, answer your questions and plan the details together.

At SixthHouse, we are proud of our caring employees like Pinar, who stay true to our mission to maximize customer satisfaction. She will be with you from the beginning of your medical tourism journey and will work to provide you with the best service.

Pinar is looking forward to communicating closely with you and planning the details with you. We are here to support you on your health journey.

You will enjoy being with an expert call center employee like Pınar in your health travel experience. Pınar will be happy to help you by prioritizing your satisfaction and health.

Pınar is looking forward to working with you as part of the SixthHouse family. We are here to support you on your health travel journey.

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