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Osman Coşkun

Osman Coşkun
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Osman Coşkun, born in 1979, joined the Sixthhouse family as a professional. He graduated from Atatürk University, Department of Justice and Anadolu University, Department of Mechanical and Business Administration. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry and gained significant experience as a representative, Regional Manager and Sales Training Manager respectively.

Osman is also a World Coaching Federation ACC certified coach and provides coaching support to you after treatment. With this competence, he supports you by providing motivation, guidance and support after your health experiences. As a coach who understands the challenges of the treatment process and helps them achieve their individual goals, he provides a positive transformation.

Osman plays a critical role in Sixthhouse’s medical tourism organization. With health as a priority, he takes responsibility for providing you with an excellent health and travel experience. With his professional approach, deep industry knowledge and coaching competencies, he works to ensure the best quality standards in healthcare services.

Osman is a valued member of the Sixthhouse team, working diligently to understand your needs and deliver the most appropriate healthcare services. With his years of experience and leadership skills, he contributes to the continuous development and growth of our organization.

Osman Coşkun takes a people-oriented approach to providing professional healthcare services. With his empathy, strong communication skills, spirit of collaboration and coaching competencies, he strives to provide you with trusted guidance.

As a Sixthhouse family, we are proud to always provide the highest level of service thanks to Osman’s leadership skills, expertise, passion for medical tourism and coaching competencies. Working with Osman Coşkun is the right step to maximize your health and travel experience and take advantage of post-treatment support.

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